Integrated management of the water in Central Asia is the basis of sustainable development

Begmurod Makhmadaliev

Short Communications


The importance of water issues is invaluable not only in Central Asia but also globally, because water is an indispensable factor and a vital resource for mankind.Considering the global importance of water for development, peace, stability and environmental sustainability, and deeply understanding the growing water problems, the Republic of Tajikistan initiated the adoption of the UN General Assembly Resolution 55/66 -“International Year of Freshwater, 2003”, 58/217 -“International Decade of the “Water for Life” actions 2005-2015″ and 65/164 -“International Year of Water Cooperation, 2013”. In the context of the growing need for fresh water, due to increasing demands for food, rapid urbanization and changing of the climate, cooperation in the field of water resources is of great importance.Cooperation in the field of water resources plays a crucial role in providing security, combating poverty and achieving social justice. This is a determining factor for the conservation of water resources and environmental protection. It enables the exchange of scientific knowledge and information, developing of a strategy and transferring of innovative practices. In addition, it is promoting a better understanding of the role of water in maintaining of the ecosystems and their sustainable development. Water can be a source of conflict, but can also contribute to peace. Cooperation in this field allows us to overcome the cultural, political and social tensions and build trust between people, communities, regions and countries.

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