Dr. Angelos Alamanos

Affiliation: Water Forum (An Foram Uisce)

Research interest: water resources management., hydroeconomic modelling., hydrology., environmental economics., climate change, mcda

6 reviews 

Dr. Ahmad Hamidov

Affiliation: ZALF - Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research

Research interest: water governance, irrigation and drainage water management, new institutional economics, Central Asia

6 reviews 

Dr. Rafael Litvak

Affiliation: Kyrgyz Research Institute of Irrigation

Research interest: hydrogeology, ground water modeling, mitigation negative sequels of climate change

4 reviews 

Dr. Michael Rosen

Affiliation: US Geological Survey

Research interest: water quality, limnology, groundwater, hydrogeology, limnogeology

4 reviews 

Dr. Zhandos Tauanov

Affiliation: Chungnam National University

Research interest: nanomaterials, physical/chemical water/wastewater treatment, nanocomposites, water quality, speciation, mercury

7 reviews 

Dr. Alexey Terekhov

Affiliation: Institute of information and computing technology, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Research interest: remote sensing applications, agriculture, hydrology, satellite remote sensing, agriculture, river ecology, vegetation, surface water hydrology, remote sensing of snow

5 reviews 

Dr. Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt

Affiliation: Freiburg University

Research interest: integrated land use, sustainable mountain development, land use change, biodiversity conservation

3 reviews 

Dr. Aliya Satayeva

Affiliation: Nazarbayev University

Research interest: nanomaterials

3 reviews 

Dr. Aleksandr Mandychev

Affiliation: CAIAG

Research interest: hydrology

3 reviews 

Aliya Assubayeva

Affiliation: Nazarbayev University

Research interest: water security, nexus
public policy, water governance, agricultural economics

3 reviews 

Dr. Tomas Saks

Affiliation: University of Fribourg

Research interest: glaciology, glacial geology, hydrogeology 

2 reviews 

Dr. Andrea Zinzani

Affiliation: University of Bologna

Research interest: geography,  political ecology, water resources, international development, global environmental politics

4 reviews 

Dr. Olga Kalashnikova

Affiliation: CAIAG

Research interest: hydrology, remote sensing of snow

2 reviews 

Dr. Yerkin Abdildin

Affiliation: Nazarbayev University

Research interest: multi-criteria decision analysis, risk analysis, environment, renewable energy, statistics

2 reviews 

Dr. Mahdi Akbari

Affiliation: University of Oulu

Research interest: remote sensing and gis, climate change

2 reviews 

Dr. Azamat Azizov

Affiliation: National University of Uzbekistan

Research interest: ecology, environment, water treatment

2 reviews 

Dr. Maria Shahgedanova

Affiliation: University of Reading

Research interest: climate, glaciology, hydrology

2 reviews 

Dr. Nizamatdin Mamutov

Affiliation: Karakalpak state university

Research interest: botany, geobotany,  conservation ecology, environment, nature conservation, remote sensing and gis, applied spatial statistics and geographic information analysis, plant ecology

5 reviews 

Dr. Maksud Bekchanov

Affiliation: ZEF

Research interest: river basin management, water markets, renewable energy, agricultural economics, environmental economics

2 reviews 

Dr. Jafar Niyazov

Affiliation: Institute of water problems, hydropower and ecology, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan

Research interest: natural disasters

3 reviews 

Dr. Lars Gerlitz

Affiliation: GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Research interest: climate change, seasonal forecasting, climate variability, precipitation, climate change adaptation

2 reviews 

Dr. Kai Wegerich

Affiliation: OSCE

Research interest: governance, institutions, organisations, policy, politics

3 reviews 

Dr. Usubaliev Ryskul

Affiliation: Central Asian Institute of Applied Geosciences

Research interest:  glaciation, climate, hydrology of high mountain zones, glacial lakes 

3 reviews 

Dr. Aziza Baubekova

Affiliation: Nazarbayev University

Research interest: water resources management, transboundary water issues

5 reviews 

Daulet Akhmetov

Affiliation: Nazarbayev University

Research interest: hydropower, sustainable development, carbon emissions trading, electricity regulation

2 reviews 

Dr. Alzhan Baimenov

Affiliation: Nazarbayev University

Research interest: water pollution, adsorbents, heavy metals

5 reviews 

Dr. Nikolay Kovalenko

Affiliation: M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Research interest: mountain glacier, glacier changes,  mountain hazards

3 reviews 

Dr. Valentina Rakhimova

Affiliation: Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I.Satpayev

Research interest: hydrogeology, groundwater modeling, groundwater treatment, water resources management

8 reviews 

Dr. Kulyash Meiramkulova

Affiliation: Eurasian National University named after L.N.Gumilyov

Research interest: environmental biology

6 reviews 

Dr. Jay Sagin

Affiliation: Nazarbayev University

Research interest: geomatics

4 reviews 

Dr. Zheenbek Kulenbekov

Affiliation: American University of Central Asia

Research interest: hydrogeology, hydrology, GIS, hydrological modeling, IWRM, environmental geology,  environmental awareness, water quality

4 reviews 

Dr. Ashraf Muhammad

Affiliation: Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources

Research interest: surface and groundwater management, dryland agriculture, saline agriculture, transboundary water issues, watershed management, water quality

4 reviews 

Dr. Vadim Yapiyev

Affiliation: University of Reading, UK

Research interest: hydrology, environmental and earth science, environmental chemistry, stable isotopes, lakes, drought, evaporation, micrometeorology

2 reviews 

Dr. Andis Kalvans

Affiliation: University of Latvia

Research interest: phenology, hydrogeology

3 reviews 

Dr. Ilkhom Soliev

Affiliation: Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Policy, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Research interest: water governance, transboundary water cooperation, benefit-sharing, path dependency, new institutional economics, global commons

2 reviews 

Dr. Gennady Nosenko

Affiliation: Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences

Research interest: glaciology, climate change, natural hazards, gis 

2 reviews 

Dr. David Anning

Affiliation: USGS, Arizona Water Science Center

Research interest: water quality,  statistics, salinity

3 reviews 

Dr. Martin Petrick

Affiliation: Justus Liebig University Giessen

Research interest: agricultural policy,  agricultural economics

2 reviews 

Dr. Vitalii Zaginaev

Affiliation: Institute of water problems and hydropower, National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic

Research interest: hydrogeology, geomorphology, limnology, dendrochronology

2 reviews 

Dr. Iskandar Addullaev

Affiliation: CAREC Institute

Research interest: water governance, water management,  economic development

2 reviews 

Dr. Iroda Amirova

Affiliation: Westminster International University in Tashkent

Research interest: water management, institutional economics, agricultural economics, behavioral economics

2 reviews 

Dr. Zaki Shubber

Affiliation: IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

Research interest: water law,  water diplomacy

2 reviews 

Dr. Eleonora Semakova

Affiliation: Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences

Research interest: snow avalanches, remote sensing, glaciology

2 reviews 

Akbikesh Mukhtarova

Affiliation: Nazarbayev University

Research interest: public policy and administration

3 reviews 

Dr. Tariq Khalil

Affiliation: University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar

Research interest: irrigation water management, environment, food security, climate change

2 reviews 

Dr. Georgiy Kirillin

Affiliation: Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries

Research interest: limnology, climate change, physical oceanography

2 reviews 

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