Articles Classification

Authors should classify their paper by using the following types, choosing one that most closely describes their paper:
Research paper: these papers are fully documented, interpreted accounts of significant findings of original research. The maximum acceptable length of a Research Paper is 7500 words (less 350 words for each normal-sized figure or table you include).
Suggested standard structure of the body of research manuscripts (after the Title, Abstract, Keyword, Paper type):

- Introduction, including a purpose, general structure of the paper, theoretical framework/state of research;

- Methods/Material and Methods; 

 - Results;   

- Discussion and Conclusion (might be two separate sections);                                                                               

- Annex(es) (if applicable);   

 - List of references

Review Papers: these are critical and comprehensive reviews that provide new insights or interpretation of a subject through thorough and systematic evaluation of available evidence. They should not normally exceed 8000 words. Manuscripts exceeding 10,000 words will not be accepted for review.
Short Communications: these can be contributions of original research referring to case studies and technical aspects or policy briefs that present outcomes and lessons learned from various initiatives; book reviews on relevant topics with the journal are also welcomed. Short communications are concise manuscripts, shorter than the typical full-format articles published in CAJWR.
Contributions submitted as Short communication should be not only fundamental and novel but also potentially transformative in impact by providing new observations, theories, or findings deserving of expedited review and publication.  Upon submission, authors must provide a summary statement explaining why their contribution should be considered as a potential Short communication in CAJWR instead of a regular article.
Manuscripts submitted as a Short communication will be initially screened for novelty and quality by the Editors. The Editors will decide whether a manuscript should be treated as a Short communication based on its timeliness and perceived impact or be rejected as 'out-of-scope' for a Short communication contribution. For rejected contributions, the Editors may encourage (or discourage) a submission as a regular article.
They include an abstract (> 100 words), a maximum of 2000 words of text,  (+ references, tables and acknowledgments), and no more than three figures.