Natural hydrological risks and their prevention in Kazakhstan

Plekhanov P.A.

Short Communications


Worldwide, there is a widespread opinion that natural disaster risks might have a significant negative impact on sustainable development of countries and their regions.Herewith,water-related disaster risks are considered to cause the most significant social and economic damage.However, such inferences are, very often, based on emotional and qualitative judgments without conducting an objective comparative analysis. For instance, insufficient real data on extreme hydrological events, lack of their classification and of official damage assessment methods are the reasons for no conduction of a full-scale research on hydrological risks in Kazakhstan. Therefore, a negative impact from hydrological disasters on sustainable development of the country and its regions has not been considered in the current long-term strategies and development programs. The paper aims to define possible qualitative characteristics and common patterns of hydrological risks in Kazakhstan based on a synthesis of published research studies and materials on extreme hydrological events available from the Committee for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the National Hydrometeorological Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The obtained results are to be used during the development of long-term strategies and development programs.

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damage assessment, hydrological risks, Kazakhstan, kazhydromet, monitoring