The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Tajikistan: The Role of Water User Associations in improving Energy and Food Security

Ronan Shenhav, Daler Domullodzhanov

Scientific Article


Tajikistan’s agricultural sector suffers from a highly inefficient use of water and energy resources. As a country that is heavily dependent on energy-intensive pumping irrigation, wastage of water and electricity has severe impact on the country’s energy and food security. The recent opening of potential energy exports further highlights these practises. Water User Associations (WUAs) can mitigate the delicate balance between water, energy and food in Tajikistan. Although they are often still underdeveloped, WUAs can address challenges that hinder agricultural energy efficiency. This paper suggests some low and no-cost technical and policy solutions.

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energy efficiency, food security, pumping irrigation, water user associations

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