The role of information in the development of scientific and technical progress

Toshtemir Ostonakulov

Short Communications


Today the flow of scientific and technical information has increased significantly because, along with the traditional means of scientific and technical information, such as textbooks, manuals, monographs, periodicals, collections of scientific papers, abstracts of conferences, regulations, patents and copyright certificates, reports on research and scientific and technical work, essays, analytical reviews, translated documents, dissertations and dissertation abstracts, most of which is outdating much more than 10% annually, online information appeared over the Internet.The outdating of the information depends on the degree of novelty and intensity of the updates. Under the conditions of our country, considering the slow access to the foreign printed media and, of course, the lack of qualified translation into the Uzbek language, outdating of the information occurs even faster. Therefore, obtaining information through e-journals that can rapidly deliver information to scientists and industrials is getting more and more important.In our situation, for Uzbekistan, creating of the system for online information collection is becoming top priority; that system requires certain financial costs and availability of qualified personnel of focused specialization and, of course, translators that can translate information, since most of consumers of the information have poor knowledge of foreign languages as well as poor knowledge of the Russian language.

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