Water in our life

Tatyana Leonova

Short Communications


Since ancient times humanity was used to treating water as the most important natural resource, the possession of which provides not only life but also wealth and power. Nature has generously allotted this resource to some of the countries and people, sometimes even in excess, while others need to fight for every drop and sip of water. The question of how to manage this gift of nature reasonably and make good use of it, with care and respect to others, those who lack it, goes far beyond the engineering and technical or economic domain, and is more a strategic, political or even geopolitical issue.Countries and nations, including the region of Central Asia, at all times shared water resources of greatest rivers, lakes and mountain glaciers they had on their territories. And nowadays the issues of coordination, regional and cross-border cooperation in the management of efficient water use remain vital and relevant. Since acquisition of independence and creation of five states a bit more than 20 years ago, the issues of water resources management in Central Asia have become more complicated due to the necessity to accommodate the national and regional interests of growth and to ensure the development of national economics, sometimes to the detriment of neighbors.

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Central Asia, iwrm, regional cooperation