Central Asia knowledge network: Building partnerships for regional coperation on water and energy

Julia Komagaeva

World Bank Group (WBG), Coordinator for Central Asia Knowledge Networks and Communities of Practice for Water-Energy and Climate Change Management program, Moscow, Russia

Email:  jkomagaeva@worldbank.org

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Water and energy are crucial for economic, social and human development in Central Asia, but the region has faced difficulties for several years with regard to transboundary water and energy management. To help address these challenges, the World Bank has offered a multisector approach to regional collaboration,establishing what is known today as the Central Asia Knowledge Network program (henceforth referred to as “the Network”). Launched as part of the Central Asia Energy-Water Development Program (CAEWDP), the Network seeks to stimulate cooperation and knowledge exchange among local and regional institutions and practitioners in the area of water resource management, energy, and climate change. Regional networks and communities of practice have been established, and institutions equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and skills to build the capacity of government officials and other professionals. Serving as a platform for collaboration at both country and regional levels, the Network not only links cross-sectoral practitioners, academics and decision-makers, but also offers wide support for youth engagement through innovative outreach. Covering the five Central Asia countries of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and the Kyrgyz Republic, plus Afghanistan, the Network supports coordinated access to water management and climate knowledge for various stakeholders, and contributes to the World Bank Group’s operational projects in the region.

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For citation: Komagaeva, J. (2017) ‘Central Asia Knowledge Network: Building Partnerships for Regional Cooperation on Water and Energy’, Central Asian Journal of Water Research (CAJWR) Центральноазиатский журнал исследований водных ресурсов, 3(1), pp. 1–5. Available at: https://www.water-ca.org/article/1868-central-asia-knowledge-network-building-partnerships-for-regional-cooperation-on-water-and-energy.

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