Calculations of groundwater recessions caused by drainage wells in arid climate taking into account the non-uniform inversion of groundwater evaporation

Rafael Litvak

Scientific Article


This article discusses dependencies to calculate the vertical drain wells taking into account evaporation inversion. In a zone near the well,where the depth of groundwater level (GWL) is below a critical level, the inversion is set as a constant value. In a zone,where GWL is above a critical level, evaporation inversion is linearly dependent on GWL depth which is unknown in advance. Flowing from underlying aquifers has been taken into account. To illustrate the importance of detailed accounting of evaporation inversion in Central Asian climatic conditions, the forecasted recessions of GWL were compared to those calculated using conventional methods. Calculations were made for climatic and hydrogeological conditions of the northern part of Bishkek.

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calculations of vertical drainage, critical depth of groundwater level, inversion of evaporation

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