Evaluation of hydrological processes (floods, high water, lateral erosion and mudflows) in the Kara-Unkyur River Basin (Kyrgyzstan)

B. D. Moldobekov, U. A. Abdibachaev, O. Ju. Kalashnikova

Scientific Article


Almost in all river basins of Central Asia, with the onset of spring, the probability of natural disasters, such as floods, high water and related lateral erosion, increases. Especially,these phenomena often occur in large river basins of Fergana Valley, Kyrgyz ridge and Trans-Ili Alatau. The aim of this study was to identify vulnerable areas affected by erosion processes in the course of disastrous floods and high water in order to take preventive measures for protection of settlements, their territories and infrastructure. To identify vulnerable areas affected by erosion processes in the Kara-Unkyur River Basin, a complex of field methods of ground-based observation was implemented with the use of Remote Sensing (RS) data. Based on the obtained data, a degree of manifestation of exogenous geological processes was analyzed and evaluated. Recommendations for decision-making were elaborated and submitted to the state authorities (Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic, MES).

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catastrophic floods, erosion processes, hydrological processes, kara-unkur river, remote sensing