The Effects of Pre-Ozonation on Drinking Water Quality Parameters

Bahman Masoomi, Neamatollah Jaafarzadeh, Tayebeh Tabatabaie, Sahand Jorfi, Esmaeil Kouhgardi

Research paper


The study investigated the effects of pre-ozonation on the parameters such as turbidity, color, chlorophyll a and TOC on a pilot scale.   The investigation results indicate that the amount of required ozone to remove TOC, color and turbidity depends on the quality of inlet water, and the efficiency of water ozonation depends on the process factors such as ozone dose, temperature, pH and ozone-water contact  time.  The study likewise shows that the lower amount of turbidity, TOC, temperature and higher alkaline pH of sample water boost the ozonation effect on removing the variables in question.  The results also demonstrate a direct relationship between pH, ozone dosage and contact time, as well as an indirect relationship between temprerature and the removal of parameters.

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Masoomi, B., Jaafarzadeh, N., Tabatabaie, T., & Jorfi, S. (2021). The Effects of Pre-Ozonation on Drinking Water Quality Parameters. Central Asian Journal of Water Research 7, 70–83.

disinfection, humic acid, pilot plants, pre-ozonation, surface water treatment

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