COP28 UNFCCC Scientific Side Session “Assessing and Addressing Climate Change Impacts in Central Asia: Challenges and Solutions”

🌍✨ Recap of the COP28 UNFCCC Scientific Side Session

🌿🔬The “Assessing and Addressing Climate Change Impacts in Central Asia: Challenges and Solutions” event, organized by German-Kazakh University (DKU) with support from GIZ and CAREC, was a dynamic gathering of experts in Dubai, UAE, on December 8th, 2023.

🌐 Session Focus: Experts delved into climate change impacts on sustainable growth, energy, land, and agriculture, fostering a deeper understanding of the scientific aspects in Central Asia and Afghanistan.🔍 Scientific Journals by DKU: The session underscored the role of DKU’s journals – the Central Asian Journal of Water Research and the Central Asian Journal of Sustainability and Climate Research – in adhering to international publishing standards, enriching the discourse on climate change in the region.

🎙️ Key Speakers: • Dr. Barbara Janusz-Pawletta, Vice-Rector at DKU, and Mr. Marcus Hicken, MFA, Germany, opened the event. • Dr. David Groves from the World Bank emphasized leveraging science for sustainable development, shedding light on the economic benefits of climate adaptation measures in Uzbekistan.

• Panel 1 featured speakers like Dr. Winston Chow, Dr. Iulii Didovets, Dr. Koen Verbist, and Mr. Zafar Makhmudov, each contributing unique perspectives on climate challenges and solutions in Central Asia.🌱 Mark Smith’s Insights: Mr. Mark Smith, Senior Director of Water Systems at CGIAR and Director General of IWMI, highlighted the escalating challenges of food and water security, stressing the need for efficient water use to meet growing food demands.

🌐 Panel 2 Highlights: • Dr. Axel Paulsch presented the CLIENT II program for climate change mitigation projects. • Mr. Rustam Nasirkhan emphasized the importance of modeling for decision-making support. • Dr. Bolot Moldobekov discussed the UNDP-GCF project in Kyrgyzstan. • Ms. Altynai Yespembetova shared achievements, challenges, and future goals for DKU’s journals.

🤝 Discussion & Partnership: Session discussants, Dr. Alisher Mirzabaev and Dr. Roman Vakulchuk, identified gaps in climate research and stressed the need for increased local modeling capacity and participation in international scientific processes

.📺 Watch the Session: Missed the event? Catch the insights and discussions via the recorded video:

🤝 Partnership Recognition: A special thanks to Green Central Asia Program, MFA Germany, GIZ, PIK, CAREC, GFZ for their valuable partnership.

🌍🌱 The COP28 UNFCCC Side Event paved the way for collaborative efforts, raising awareness and contributing to informed decision-making for a sustainable future in Central Asia and Afghanistan. 🌿🌟#ClimateAction#CentralAsia#COP28#SustainableFuture#cajwr#cajscr#dku#crsdku

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