Assessment of the hydroecological state of the Syrdarya delta

Dinara Arystambekova, Niels Thevs, Madina Tursumbayeva


Review Article


After a catastrophic decline in the water level at the end of the 20th century, the formation of a new delta of the river Syrdarya has begun. The modern delta of the river is located within the Kazalinsk and Aral regions in Kyzylorda oblast. This paper gives an assessment of the hydroecological state of the river’s delta. The hydrological and ecological characteristics of the Syrdarya delta were evaluated using the data from the Karateren and Kazalinsk gauging stations. A number of hydroecological indicators are given, such as: water level, annual flow, delta area, mineralization, content of suspended substances, copper and biochemical oxygen consumption (BOС5) in the river. All indicators were compared to the maximum permissible concentration (MPC).

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delta, mineralization, pollution, Syrdarya, water level

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