Mass balance of glacier No. 139 in the basin of Lake Karakul in the Eastern Pamirs

Kabutov H.K.a*, Kayumov A.a, Saks T.b, Navruzshoev H.D.a, Vosidov F.K.a, Nekkadamova N.M.a, Khalimov A.M.

a State Scientific Institution “Glacier Research Center of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan”,
734025, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Rudaki av. 33
b University of Fribourg, Department of Earth Sciences, Fribourg, Switzerland


Research article


Mountain glaciers, including the poorly examined glaciers of Lake Karakul Basin, are considered the most vulnerable part of the cryosphere directly reacting to the changing climatic conditions. The most recent aerial photographing and single field surveys of the glaciation in Lake Karakul Basin wre carried out as late as in 1953. The investigation of the basin glaciers therefore represents great scientific importance, including in terms of glaciology and climatology. The article describes the calculations of the surface mass balance(S MB) of Glacier No.139 in Lake Karakul Basin allowing, based on the findings,t o assess the degree of climate change impact on the glaciation in the target zone,as well as the possible changes in the state of glaciers in the future. Durin g2018-2019, the mass balance of Glacier No.139 in Lake Karakul Basin amountedt o -0.26 m WE. Glacier No.139 is located in the basin’ ssouthwestern part. T he data obtained from the Karakul Weather Station allowed establishing that the climate in the target watershed is harshly cold with little snow in winter an dmild summer, and the bulk of precipitation occurring in the warm season. Due tothe fact that in the past and until recently no glacier mass observations wereco nducted in the target zone, the research findings can serve as initial data t oexpand the scientific and applied knowledge, as well as contribute to increasing thea ccuracy of glacier dynamics modeling in the area.findings can serve as initial data to expand the scientific and applied knowledge, as well as contribute to increasing the accuracy of glacier dynamics modeling in the area. the dynamics of glaciers in this region.

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For citation: Kabutov, H., Kayumov, A., Saks, T., Navruzshoev, H., Vosidov, F., Nekkadamova, N., Khalimov, A. (2022). Balans massy lednika № 139 bassejna ozera Karakul’ Vostochnogo Pamira [Mass balance of glacier No. 139 in the basin of Lake Karakul in the Eastern Pamirs]. Central Asian Journal of Water Research, 8(2), 70–84. [In Russian]


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Eastern Pamir, glacier mass balance, glaciology, Karakul Lake Basin, mountain glaciers

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